<a href='http://www.theorwells.com/' target='_blank'>The Orwells</a>
The Orwellsgarage rock, indie
The Orwells are five guys from Chicago, IL, playing straight up rock’n’roll music.
<a href='http://mysteryskulls.com/' target='_blank'>Mystery Skulls</a>
Mystery Skullssynthpop, electropop
A mastermind electronic artist, producer and singer – Mystery Skulls is an adopted stage name for Luis Dubuc.
<a href='http://wesperiod.bandcamp.com'>Wes Period</a>
Wes Periodhip-hop
Meet LA’s own rapper/singer/producer Wes Period, who has quickly emerged as one of Hip Hop’s most exciting and talented prospects with his unique approach to the genre.
<a href='http://www.normantonstreet.com/' target='_blank'>Normanton Street</a>
Normanton Streetsoul, hip-hop
Brighton band Normanton Street play an electrifying blend of northern Soul, Hip Hop, and spoken word that will restore your faith in the musicality of tomorrow’s next stars.
<a href='http://www.ianmoore.com/' target='_blank'>Ian Moore</a>
Ian Moorerock, indie
A world class guitarist and singer whose musical abilities span from psychedelic rock to blues to folk to funk.