If you’re holding onto the stash of bud among your friends, it can be easy to lose track of how fast you smoke it. One friend asks for a nug for a bowl then another asks for a few more for a joint and before you know it, you’re almost out. That’s the scenario that Wes Period finds himself in “Everything Is Trees.” The California artist who is also 1/3 of baby.daddi has released the first single from his upcoming album due out this fall. It’s produced by SuperCookies (Wes Singerman, Roget Chahayed, Taylor Dexter) and features fellow Squad ThIQ member, Cliftun.

It seems that Wes Period gets a little caught up with bragging about his girl and rhymes to the point that he forget he turned all of his weed into weed smoke already. But that’s not the end of his troubles as he contemplates having dinner with an ex while he’s hungry. The song takes a turn for some heavier drums and free form jazz towards the end.