Fortress Music’s very own rock expert and industry legend, ‘music executive’ Jack Steven, was called on by Sky News to share his fond memories of the late and great David Bowie and to discuss the icon’s everlasting influence on the music industry.  Jack’s insights on the magical life of David Bowie are great to listen to, and a timely reminder that although the Starman’s life is over, his legacy lives on in the timeless work he left behind and the countless artists and fans he inspired.

Jack’s appearance was also notable among the many memories of David shared today.  Publications around the country – including Huffington Post and the Mirror – were quick to point out the ‘confusion’ caused by Jack’s striking resemblance to the man himself.

A number of viewers immediately noticed that Jack is somewhat of a Bowie ‘lookalike’, a fact which caused some to wonder if this was more than just a coincidence.

As it turns out, the similarity is probably down to nothing more than the fact that both Jack’s and David’s career were coming up in similar circles at similar times.  David Bowie was already a pioneer at that point, and Jack mentions a number of examples showing how forward thinking of an artist and human being he truly was.  You can watch the full interview here.

So there it is – Jack Steven is Jack Steven, and alas, not David Bowie.  And yet a strange metaphor exists even here, too, as we remember that David Bowie lives on a little, in all of us – not only at Fortress, where his professionalism, creativity, forward-thinking, and uncompromising self inspires – but for music fans the world over.