As we reach the height of summer, and days become longer than nights, we’ve been using the extra hours to put in that extra work – no summers off for everyone at Fortress!  Here is what we’ve been up to this week.


Wes Period

Wes continues to promote the baby.daddi EP, alongside collaborators Ye Ali and Tommy Genesis, as those songs approach 50k streams each.  The EP has had even more attention in its second week, with co-signs from the likes of Vashtie, Saint Heron, and even Mass Appeal.  Meanwhile, Wes is already starting to turn his attention back to Late Bloomer, his long awaited debut full-length.


This the coolest picture ever. #latebloomer

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Normanton Street

After debuting the video with The Independent last week, this week ‘Angelene’ saw some more attention from Gigslutz. Building on that attention, Normanton Street announced that Life’s Real, their upcoming EP, will be available to pre-order on July 1st, two weeks before its official release.  In the mean time, Take Time can now be streamed on Spotify, and Normanton Street can be caught gigging around the country.


Los Coast

Los Coast very slyly shared a download link to their latest single Summer Samaritan, that has already picked up plenty of attention.  Grab what will surely be known as a collector’s item in a few years’ time here.


Mystery Skulls

If Mystery Skulls’ live schedule looked a bit light this month, we found out why last week – Luis is hard at work on a new album (although Mystery Skulls will be playing at the Resident on July 1st at an Anime Expo Launch Event, alongside some great names).  However, Luis did take time out to partner with travel & lifestyle magazine VIVA to share some travel tips and a great travelling playlist, which you can check out here.

Ian Moore

A heart-warming message, and plenty of great fan comments, as Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils wound down their marathon tour this week.  They all deserve a long, long rest… but don’t hold your breath on it.