Andrew St James

Andrew St James narrowly beat storm Jonas to complete his whistle stop tour of the North East which picked up plenty of press, finishing off at the Columbus Theatre off Broadway just hours before the blizzard hit full effect.  Just before leaving for the tour, Andrew St James also released another new track.  The Wild Honey Pie say “He sings like he believes what he’s saying, like he has his eyes tightly shut to prove it.”  Listen below.

Ian Moore

Ian Moore’s never ending live dates in the Texas and Arizona areas of late has alerted those paying attention that he is far from done with this music thing, and has proved that he has the energy to still make waves.  His recent dates have found press attention (here and here, for example) and in a new interview with the Alburquerque Journal last week he revealed that he’s involved in up to three new albums that will be released soon, and promises that it will be music with a message: “I often wonder where all the protest songs are. There’s so much happening in our country, there’s no real stance in music that anyone’s taking.”  Read the full interview here.

Normanton Street

Normanton Street made moves on and off camera this week.  Behind the scenes, they announced a collaborative fashion project with University of Bedfordshire students.  Already known for their unique fashion sense, Normanton Street will be modelling and giving exposure to students’ work.  Meanwhile, Episode 5 of the documentary series has come out, so make sure you watch it now!

Meanwhile, Fortress’ favourite new L.A. club, Resident, has been getting plenty of love recently – and rightfully so. Its continuous stream of high quality, low pressure events included a ‘Bowie night’ that had plenty of fans reminiscing over the late artist’s music.  If you’re in the area, be sure to pay it a visit… perhaps for Ian Moore’s visit on Tuesday the 26th!


This week, don’t miss:

  • Ian Moore and band on tour in the South West.  More info here.
  • Normanton Street live at Hootananny, London, on Saturday, January 30th.  Tickets here.
  • Run Tin Tiger and Dude York at Resident on Friday, January 29th. Tickets here.