Welcome to Fortified, our weekly re-cap of all things Fortress Music.

The week started  very tragically, with the unexpected passing of a hero and inspiration, David Bowie.  Fortress leader Jack Steven was amongst those who was called to share their memories of the Starman, and his appearance doing just that on Sky News had him in the headlines of a number of publications for his similarities to Bowie himself.  The memory of David will live on through his art and we strive to remember him through our own continued efforts.

Normanton Street

Normanton Street’s documentary series continues to come out piece by piece, with the latest instalment looking at the band’s habits during rehearsals.  This week, the latest episode will cover the topic of ‘Grafting’, which this lot certainly know a lot about. Be sure to keep a look out for the latest exquisite episode, courtesy of BOOM Productions.  You can catch up on the series so far below.

Andrew St. James

Andrew played at Schubas in Chicago this past weekend as part of the annual Tomorrow Never Knows Festival, which as you can see, was pretty dope.  The Chicago gig also doubled as a kick-start for Andrew’s whirlwind tour of the North East, as he is set to play shows in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Providence this week.  Press has already been coming in ahead of the shows, including here from MusicBoxPete and a great interview with the Providence Journal.  Grab your tickets now before its too late.


The Orwells

Who said Atlanta just does rap music?  Fortress’ rowdy crew will be playing at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, Georgia this May alongside a staggering line-up of diverse artists.


This week don’t miss:

  • Andrew St. James, live in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Providence January 19th – 22nd.  More info here.
  • Ian Moore, live in Lubbock (Texas), Albuquerque, Tuscon, and Phoenix January 20th – 23rd.  More info here.
  • Tickets for Mystery Skulls’ tour with French Horn Rebellion on sale now.  Get them here.
  • The Wild Things live at The Spice of Life on Friday, January 22nd.