Hello lovers of the world.  We hope you had a most romantic day.  Here’s what we got up to this week…

Andrew St. James

February is a short month, but Andrew St James is already on his third show of his month long residency at the aptly named Resident, our favourite new music venue in LA.  This Tuesday, Andrew brings out La Lenguas and Veronica Bianqui to join him on the Resident stage.  His run of shows has gotten some coverage here as well.

Mystery Skulls

Mystery Skulls have some great merch over at the Warner Music Store thats been getting a lot of love from fans on Twitter.   Vinyl versions of his great album Forever are also available- which Luis said he finally got around to listening to on wax for the first time this week.  Two shows take place this coming week, replacing those that had to be cancelled a few months back, the 18th in Vancouver and the 19th in Portland.  Tickets are available for those as well as Myster Skulls’ spring tour with French Horn Rebellion here!

Wes Period

Wes was in New York for fashion week, taking part in shows and the general madness that is New York.  Be sure to keep up with it all through his Twitter and Instagram – we also sense that news regarding Late Bloomer is imminent.  In the meantime, wallow in your post-Valentine’s Day blues with this classic Wes anti-love anthem.

This week, don’t miss:

  • Andrew St James at the Resident, LA on Tuesday, February 16th.
  • Mystery Skulls in Vancouver and Portland on the 18th and 19th of February.
  • Tickets for a series of UK gigs for Normanton Street in March on sale now.