Welcome to another installment of Fortified, our weekly round-up of all things Fortress.

Mystery Skulls

Last week, we announced that Mystery Skulls had released the video for new song ‘Freaking Out’.  The video, animated by Mystery Ben, has absolutely blown up and taken on a life of its own since then. Long time fans will have noticed that the video acts as a sequel to the video for Luis’ 2014 single ‘Ghost’, also animated by Mystery Ben.  But for those of you less familiar, try checking out this AWESOME Wiki about the series, where you can learn about all the characters and locations involved (Or alternatively, Know Your Meme).  There are also a number of incredible reaction videos popping up from fans who, like us, all seem to love the video and the world forming around it.  Check one out below – and there’s plenty more to be found.


Ian Moore

Look up evergreen in the dictionary and you might see Ian Moore’s picture.   The man just announced a mammoth schedule of dates for 2016 with his band The Lossy Coils, where he’ll be getting further East than he was able to last year.  His consistency is also starting to gain attention as a Roots revival seems to be picking up, according to The Reader‘s B.J. Hutcheman.  Make sure your part of it by checking out one of those live dates.

The world was rocked by the news of Prince’s death this week.  Ian Moore joins the musicians around the world paying their respect through Prince’s own music with a rendition of Purple Rain, which was caught by a fan below.


Normanton Street

Normanton Street (are we calling them ‘the streets’ for short now?) just got off the back of 2 major shows this week in Manchester and then London.  Both shows were incredible, and with the great acts who joined them, provided for two fantastic nights of music.  We now look forward to their EP Life’s Real and a newly announced appearance at Brighton’s Great Escape festival in a month’s time.


Wes Period

Wes is now just teasing us with Late Bloomer at this point.  But while we still wait for some music from that project, Wes did share an incredible and heartfelt rendition of Prince’s deep classic, Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad.  Listen below.