The Orwells

Washngton, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Portland and a few more places are the ones where you can catch the rebellious geniuses this November. If you are based in the United Kingdom fear not because in the end of the same month you can catch them in Leeds (November 29th) and London (November 30th).

The Orwells’ new song They Put A Body In The Bayou is also featured in the New Noise Spotify playlist as well as in the Apple Music Best of the Week playlist.

In other good news, if you pre-order Terrible Human Beings now you get They Put A Body In The Bayou and Buddy straight away. Indulgence.
The official release date is February 17 2016.

Normanton Street

After having played a few shows in New York and Paris the guys return the their hometown to treat their homies, joined by a few musical mates, including J-Felix, Donuts Brighton, Lebeaux and One Eyed Jacks. The date is November 11th and the place is Concorde 2.

Also the Angeline remix, produced by Brighton’s SoapBox is here. This song is all you need to feel cool. The beat hip-hops you down the street, especially if you are on your way to your mate Angeline’s, who can roll.

Phoebe wore an inappropriately cool t-shirt to the gig with Jazz Standard. Check out the video of the show on their Facebook page.